Space Saver Sticker
the best way to notify drivers that you’re limited to 50mph whilst travelling on a space saver tyre!


Caution Signs: safety signs that make sense!

You’ve dreaded the moment in your mind: the rumble of a flat tyre while you’re going down the road. When it happens, in most cases, there’s only one option—you’ve got to fit a space saver tyre. And when you do, you should absolutely fit the Space Saver Sticker.

Why? Most space saver tyres are only designed for speeds up to 50mph. That means you’ll likely be going slower than most traffic on the motorway, and it also means you’ll have other drivers breathing down your back bumper, making an already tough journey even more stressful.

The Space Saver Sticker alerts other drivers to your speed limitation, and it has proven effective in keeping traffic off of your back and making your journey with a space saver tyre—or a tyre repair kit, which also limits your speed to 50mph—a safer and less stressful voyage. The Space Saver Sticker was designed by Stuart Torevell and each pack comes with two stickers – a cling-sign and stick-on sign.

But we didn’t stop there. Nobody likes tailgating, that’s why we’ve also designed the Black Box Fitted sign. This all-new sign applies easily to any vehicle, and lets other drivers know that your vehicle is equipped with an insurance black box, and that you’ll be sticking to the speed limit.

For professional drivers, our Driver on Break sign is made to let the public know not to disturb you while you’re on break. It’s a sure-fire way to prevent rest-interrupting walkups when you’re resting from a long day on the road.


The Space Saver Sticker is perfect for:

Space Saver Tyres

The best way to notify drivers that you’re limited to 50mph

Tyre Repair Kits

Also works for tyre repair kits which have similar speed restrictions.

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